Popular Casino Games

There is a lot of interesting trivia attached to a number of gambling games. Here is some interesting trivia about some of the popular gambling games.

  • Craps is one of the most popular gambling games in our country. Did you know that the game got its name from the French Creoles of New Orleans, Johnny Crapauds, who used his own name to give the game its nickname?
  • Did you know that at one point in time, tarot cards were used to play the game of Baccarat?
  • The Caribbean Stud Poker has won worldwide popularity over time. Did you know that this particular variation of the game is inspired by a game called Primera, which was played in the 16th century?
  • Did you know that the French Roulette wheel is different from other roulette wheels. Unlike the roulette wheels we see in our casinos, the French roulette wheel has 37 numbers- 0 to 36.
  • Did you know that an Italian gambler by the name of Felix Falguiere invented the game of Bacarrat in the Middle Ages?
  • Surely, you have heard of Strip Poker. But, did you know that this variation of poker originated as early as 1830 in Louisiana in the city of New Orleans?
  • Did you know that the oldest recorded game in the world is Backgammon? Although known by many different names, it was the first recorded games and is known to have originated in Mesopotamia.
  • Did you know that you owe Blackjack team play to a guy named Al Franesco, who invented the technique?
  • Did you know that we have given very culturally specific monikers to a pair of dice? In different parts of the country, a pair of dice is known as ‘Memphis Dominoes’, ‘Snake Eyes’, ‘Mississippi Marbles’ or ‘Boxcars’.
  • Did you know that the original name of Blackjack was ‘Ving-et-un’?
    Many people like gambling for fun. Others are afraid to take such a rick and lose their money.
  • Gambling can be considered a form of entertainment. You must have some emotional stability if you decide to take up gambling as a game. In case you win, you can enjoy it; in case you win it must not overwhelm you too much.

Since gambling is taking place on the internet, it has now a large audience than before. It has caused excitement among housewives, senior citizens and teenagers. This has the potential to lead to many problems. If gambling is an addiction, it cannot be considered as fun. Gamblers who are addicted may feel a thrill, but it is accompanied with compulsive lying, betting money that they cannot afford, losing their savings and so on.

When gambling a person must realize that the system is a business making venture. And the revenue will always be larger than the money given as prizes. Here is some advice to keep gambling within a limit that is safe. You need to be responsible. Use money to gamble which you can only afford. Most of the time you should expect to lose rather than accumulate money. Decide on the exact money that you can afford to spend and once the gambling game is finished, you might have had your share of entertainment.

In case you are stressed, gambling is not a good option. When you lose money, it will stress you more and you will experience no fun in such a situation. Look for activities apart from simply gambling. Gambling must never be the only option available, without realization it can soon become an addiction.

There is fun in gambling, if a gambler does not feel the pressure of losing too strongly. This game must not overwhelm you. Practice gambling that is responsible and then resisting compulsive gambling will be easy.