If you`re looking to get involved with football betting but don`t know where to start, there are many opportunities for the beginner to get involved with this exciting element of the game. Getting an account up and running is easy and many football bets are very straightforward to follow.

The first thing you need to do is open an account: Maybe you already have a favorite high street bookmaker in mind for this but if not, a quick search of the internet will return a large list of outlets for you to consider.

To get you signed up, many bookmakers will offer some incentives in the form of free bets. Essentially there is no catch to this and the outlet will be looking to recoup this bet from your account in the long run so you are free to use these bets as you wish.

Having signed up with your new account, the simplest football bet involves speculating on the result in any individual game. Here you can just try to predict which side will win or whether it will be a draw after 90 minutes. You can even make this bet easier by removing the draw as an option; this is called a `draw no bet` and if the scores are level at the end of the game then your stake is refunded.

Another popular bet that is easy to follow involves speculating on the first goal scorer in any match. On the bookmaker`s website you will see a list of prices next to player`s names and you have to predict who will open the scoring.

Generally speaking, center forwards will always have the best chance of hitting the back of the net first and this is why they will have the shortest odds, but with a little research, you can make use of a handy tip with this type of bet.

Have a look through a team`s line up and see who takes their penalties. Sometimes this could be a midfielder or even a defender who will get higher odds placed against their name. Similarly, take a look at defenders who have an eye for goal from set pieces. Over the course of the season they will contribute with their fair share of strikes so it`s up to you to take advantage of that.

As you start to get comfortable with online football betting you can consider some of the more complicated bets that are available.

The biggest innovation with online sports betting in recent years has been the advent of `betting in play`. This is where you can place a bet after a football match has kicked off and all the usual gambles are available such as first or next goal scorer and the result of the match itself.

Betting in play has proved so popular because it is great fun and can really test your skill as an analyst to predict how a game is evolving and what the likely outcome may be.

Overall there is nothing complicated about football betting and if you`re new to the concept, it`s very easy to get started. Placing a bet can increase your enjoyment and by doing some research and looking out for footy tips you can hopefully pick up a few winners along the way.