Letters to the IOC

Dear President IOC

Thank you very much for IOC’ s recent intervention to tame acting
President of Indian Olympic Association  ( IOA) when he challenged
your authority to send IOC Observers for ensuing IOA election. But for
your  firm demand to seek a date for IOA election, these officials
would have never declared a date for IOA election.

Now that IOA declared it’s election to be held on 25th November 2012,
it is very important that IOC regularly monitor the process of
election and send IOC observers well in advance to ensure free and
fair election.

At the back ground  of ensuing IOA election, one important issue
remains unresolved about the eligibility of corruption tainted
officials like Suresh Kalmadi, Lalit Bhanot and V.K.Verma. Please
recall several letters and material on their corruption we have sent
you over a period of time.

All these officials have been charged and the trail is going on in the
Courts. We have definite information that Suresh Kalmadi and his
“illustrious” colleagues are seriously considering to contest for some
key positions of IOA.

Hence it is important for you to take firm step to ban them for
contesting any election till the corruption charges are cleared. We
earnestly request you to go one extra mile to  take a bold decision to
ban them and save the Olympic Movement in India.

With kind regards


National Convener, Clean Sports India
Post Box 3123, Lodhi Road Head Post Office
New Delhi.110003, India
email: rao@cleansportsindia.org




Mr. Jacques Rogge

President IOC   7th October,2012

Dear President

Sub: Ref: Indian Olympic Association (IOA) Elections on 25.11.2012 &
your office reference dated 05.10.2012.

On behalf of all sportspersons of our country and the sporting
fraternity, we would like to thank you for informing the
recommendations of the IOC’s Ethics Commission, that Mr. Suresh
Kalmadi, IOA President, Vishva Kumar Verma, IOA Vice-President, and
Lalit Bhanot, IOA Joint Secretary be suspended from all their
functions within the Olympic Movement to protect the reputation of the
Olympic Movement in India, until a final decision by the competent
Court in India.

Sir, while we welcome the recommendations, we are of the opinion that
merely submitting the findings and recommendations which have been
forwarded to Mr. Jagdish Tytler, Vice President, IOA will have little
effect until and unless the decision is delivered by the IOC Executive
Board through the IOC President according to the Olympic charter.

Sir, we once again appeal to you, as we fear that if the Board does
not meet before IOA elections, the infamous Trio cannot be debarred
from contesting elections.  Kalmadi’ s group is well aware of it and
they will, in our opinion , strike at the Special General Body meeting
to be held on Oct 18th, 2012 and are going ahead with their

In light of the above mentioned scenario, we sincerely request IOC for
a concrete and firm decision of the Executive board to be communicated
to the IOA before its special general body meeting on October 18th as
we understand IOC would be sending their observer to the elections, it
is proposed that the said observers should also be present during the
nominations and scrutiny of documents (eligible candidates only) and
stop them from going ahead with their nominations which would happen
on 10th November, 2012 (final day of receiving the nominations).
Moreover, if the decision is pending CSI is deeply concerned that all
efforts would go waste and the rot in Indian Sport would continue.

Your immediate action and decision in the matter is eagerly awaited.

Thank You Sir

Ashwini NachappaActing President, CSI &

Former Olympian (1988)