Save Sports Bill Campaign Background

National Sports Federations are the real Governing Bodies of respective sports with all the powers to manage the sport. Almost all sports federations are headed by politicians who created vested interest to continue as long as possible.

Their functioning has been non transparent and unaccountable. Their mismanagement has been one of the primary reasons why India does not fair well at Olympics and other international tournaments.

Cleans Sports India was demanding a law to bring transparency and accountability of National Sports Federations. Please click here to see our National Signature Campaign of 2010.

Fortunately former sports  and current ministers Mr.M.S.Gill and  Ajay Maken  have been enthusiastic to bring a sports law. A draft bill was prepared involving few sports persons in drafting level. Discussions were also held all over India on the draft sports bill.

But the Bill was not passed by the Cabinet of Government of India as several senior ministers opposed it. Prominent among them are:

  • Sharad Pawar, President ICC
  • Praful Patel, President Indian Football Association
  • Farooq Abdulla, President J&K Checked Association
  • Vilas Rao Deshmukh, President Maharashtra Cricket Association and
  • C.P.Joshi, President Rajastan Cricket Association

These ministers who have personal interest being the heads sports federations should not have attended the Cabinet meeting as measure of propriety.
The other politicians heading the sports association in our country are mentioned below:


Olympic Sports:

  • Suresh Kalmadi : Athletics + IOA – Over two decades and still runs IOA from Jail as he is still the President of IOA!
  • Vijay Kumar Malhotra:  President Archery  for over three decades and now Acting President of IOA only till  Kalmadi returns from  Jail!
  • Jagdish Titler: Judo  over two decades
  • Das Munshi: Football for three decades  Now  Praful  Patel!
  • Ghelot: Kabaddi: Over two decades
  • Chutala Ajay : Table Tennis
  • Chautala Abhay: Boxing
  • Durga Das Boro: Fencing
  • Baishya: Wieght Lifting
  • Vidya Stokes: Hockey ( Now resigned)
  • Digamber Kamat, Goa CM: Swimming
  • Yashwanth Sinha: Tennis



  • Sharad Pawar, President: ICC
  • Farooq Abdulla, President: J&K Cricket
  • Vilas Rao Deshmukh, President: Maharashtra Cricket
  • C.P.Joshi, President: Rajastan Cricket
  • Lallu Yadav: Bihar Cricket
  • Rajiv Sukla, Member: BCCI

Many more politicians are in the State level sports Associations!

Mentioned below are the Indian  Bureaucrats heading the sports federations

  • KPS Gill, IPS: Hockey
  • Mander, IPS: Wrestling
  • Chaney, IAS: Handball
  • R.S Gill, IPS: Basketball
  • Lt.Gen. C.Singh : Equestrian: Always Army QMG
  • Admiral Verma: Yachting

Many more Bureaucrats in the State level Sports  Associations.