Slots Myths and How to Avoid It
Like in many other casino games that involve odds, myths are being propagated to explain why some win more than others. Those who believe in these myths are more likely the ones who lose more money than the other. Prevent yourself from losses by getting the facts straight and the numbers in you favor. The best way to combat these myths, like in any other game, is just by using plain common sense. Here are some myths you should avoid.

Your favorite slot has a higher payout rate.

Having a favorite slot game is good because it is important to find a slot macine game that fits your style of playing and where you are comfortable and familiar with the features and controls. The reality is, however, that your slot game is no different from other slot games. If the slot machine has given you money, that doesn’t mean it will be applicable to others, and it will always let you win. Unlike you, the slot machine has no favorites. You’re just being lucky.

Slots games have hot and cold cycles.

You only have to study the basics of probability to prove the fallibility of this myth. Every spin a player makes in a slot game is random and independent from the previous spins. You can make a column or plot it in a chart, and the diagram would never make sense. Having a winning streak in the slot game simply means lady luck is on your side.

You can increase your odds of winning.

Of course, this myth is true in online slots, that is, if you can guess when exactly is the “right time” to press the button, to begin with. Moreover, the slot’s random number generator fire hundreds of numbers in a second, and the odds of pressing the button just in time for the right combination (if you know it in the first place) would be a matter better left to superheroes like Flash.

Mechanical slots games are better than electronic ones.

This myth is only true if you are going to cheat in slots because mechanical slots use springs, not random number generator, so manipulating mechanical slots is easier. But this is called cheating, and cheating should never have a place in the gambling world. All in all, online slots are better in all aspects including payout percentages and game variations.

A player can play with more paylines, more reels and more winnings, making electronic slot games a must for those who want to play longer and win bigger.