Stop Kalmadi, from going to London Olympics 2012

Clean Sports India has been taking up with International Olympic Committee about the corrupt practices of Mr.Suresh Kalmadi. Please click here to read our letter dated 18th July 2011 addressed to IOC president. Click here to read IOC’s reply to CSI.

CSI also sent the Comptroller and Auditor General’s Report on corruption of Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2012 to IOC. More recently CSI has written to IOC to take action to see that Mr.Kalmadi does not head the Olympic Movement in India, when he comes out of jail pending the trial. As everyone knows he came out of jail and waiting for the right time to head for Olympic Bhawan to run the IOA affairs. Till then he will be operating from home to manage IOA by remote control as he was doing from jail.

The IOC has sent several letters to IOA to discuss the corruption charges against Kalmadi and other officer bearers of IOA and take necessary action. IOA has not taken any action so far.

The IOC restrained Mr. Kalamdi from any involvement in day-to-day affairs of the IOA after his release from jail on bail bond. Mr. Kalmadi gave a written assurance to the IOC through his letters dated 03.01.2012 and 08.02.2012 undertaking therein that he shall remain on a “prolonged absence” and shall not exert his rights & obligations as President of the IOA.

But this wily politician found a way to participate in Olympic Games 2012. He has organized himself an invitation from International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) to attend London Olympics 2012.

CSI has written a letter to IOC President to take up with IAAF and London 2012 Organizing Committee to prevent Kalmadi attending Olympic Games. Click here to see the letter.