Stop Kalmdi and Bhanot, Save Indian Sports Campaign Launched

Clean Sports India has been taking up with International Olympic Committee about the corrupt practices of Mr.Suresh Kalmadi. Please click here to read our letter dated 18th July 2011 addressed to IOC president.  Click here to read IOC’s reply to CSI.

CSI also sent the Comptroller and Auditor General’s Report on corruption of Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2012 to IOC.  More recently CSI has written to IOC to take action to see that Mr.Kalmadi does not head the Olympic Movement in India, when he comes out of jail pending the trial. As everyone knows he came out of jail and waiting for the right time to head for Olympic Bhawan to run the IOA affairs. Till then he will be operating from home to manage IOA by remote control as he was doing from jail.

The IOC has sent several letters to IOA to discuss the corruption charges against Kalmadi and other officer bearers of IOA and take necessary action. IOA has not taken any action so far.

Ethics Commission of IOA has issued a notice dated 6th December 2011 seeking Suresh Kalmadi, Lalit Bhanot and V.K. Verma to explain their position on CBI charges of corruption in CWG 2010. Please click here to see the notice. The notice also restrained them to attend the IOA offices till the charges on them are cleared. However, IOA in its meeting on 15th December 2011 debated the issue of expanding the existing Ethics Commission. They authorized acting President of IOA to include more members in Ethics Commission, perhaps only to pack the commission with Kalmadi supporters. Otherwise why do they want to change the composition of the Ethics Commission now at this juncture! IOA intention became clear when some of the key members of IOA issued a press statement against the Ethics Commission’s order. Click here to see the press release

At this back ground a national campaign to “Stop Kalmadi and Save Indian Sports” has been launched in Mumbai by signing a letter dated 1st Feb 2012 addressed to the IOC President by about 100 sports persons including several Olympians. Click here see the letter.

Having failed to achieve the desired results  from our national body i.e The Indian Olympic Association  to take action action against kalmadi we have written a series of letters to the IOC (click Here)  giving them a brief of the sports scenario in our country.  IOC has taken us seriously and placed the matter with the ethics commission to take a decision on the tainted trio. The ethics commission has decided that the allegations are serious indeed and have recommended to IOA to suspend the tainted trio. ( click here ).

The IOC Ethics Commission’s Conclusions are:

In view of this analysis of the facts, the IOC Ethics Commission is of the opinion that it should recommend: 

  1.  That Messrs Kalmadi, Verma and Bhanot be suspended from all their functions within the IOA;
  2.  That, in consequence, any candidature from these three men for any position within the IOA is not possible.

The IOA has not taken any action on the recommendation of IOC Ethics Commission. In it’s special General Body Meeting held on 18th November 2012, the Acting President of IOA mr.V.K.Malhotra has not encouraged any discussion on IOC Ethics Commission’s Report. What is shocking is that IOA acting President Malhotra has not even informed IOA members about the IOC Ethics Commission Report. 

Though Mr.Suresh Kalmdi has sent an unsigned press release to PTI stating that he will retire from sports administration under sustained public pressure, his long time associate and right hand man Mr.Lalit Bhanot is preparing to become the Secretary General of IOA. Mr.Bhanot’s name figures in the Electoral College of IOA election at serial number 132 as a delegate of Delhi Olympic Association. He has already filed nomination for  the post of Secretary General of IOA.
The elections for IOA office bearers are scheduled for 25th of November 2012. In it’s history of 75 years of IOA, the  IOC is sending it’s observers for this election. The Acting President of IOA  Malhotra objected to IOC sending it’s observers.  Why does he object? What is cooking up ? Mr.Malhotra by challenging IOC to send it’s observers has annoyed IOC which sent a stinking reply to him. The  IOC determined to send it’s observers for IOA elections.
If Bhanot is part of IOA in any way , IOC will withdraw it’s recognition to IOA. Hence, Cleans Sports India requests sports lovers to come forward to support this campaign to stop Bhanot to save Indian Sports.