• Clean Sports India will initially create favorable public opinion by organizing awareness runs, walkathons, sports exhibition matches, debates, discussions, etc.
  • Media campaign to create awareness on the present scenario and governance of sports in our country
  • “Clean Sports India” movement will also start with the membership drive right from grass root level i.e. district level.
  • Funds will be mobilized through membership fee and donations and inviting contributions from corporate social responsibility funds of companies.


Once a substantial number of former sportspersons join the movement:

  • Orientation seminars for members will be organized to build their confidence that they can manage the sports clubs, associations and federations. During the orientation seminars, exercises will be conducted to help each member identify his/ her interest area(s) out of the areas like sports management, sponsorship and fund raising, accounting and auditing, office management, Olympic studies, prevention of drug abuse etc. Accordingly, capacity building programs will be undertaken for each member as per his/ her interest area(s).
  • Organizational structures will be set up at all levels starting from district level, moving to metro city level, and going right up to state and national level.
  • Members will be encouraged, motivated and inspired to apply for membership in sports clubs, district level sports associations, state level associations, etc.
  • Sports persons upon joining the sports clubs and associations will start questioning the mismanagement of existing sports bodies, forcing many non sports person to leave their positions and make way for newly joined sports person as members of these bodies. Newly joined members will be encouraged to contest elections to sports bodies at every level from local sports clubs to national level sports federations.
  • This will surely see resistance right from the current sports managers of local clubs up to national level federations as these developments will threaten the existing order. Clean Sports India members and leaders will have to be prepared for such eventuality as the old order will not give in so easily to make a way for the new system.
  • Once the sportspersons start controlling the sports federations along with the like-minded sports lovers, these organizations will become transparent, accountable and professionally sound. It is our strategy to take help of sports management specialists to augment resources and spend it professionally for the benefit of sports.