Who we are

The objectives for which the Society is formed are:

  • To create an environment wherein Olympic Sports Federations, Associations and Clubs in India are managed essentially by former sportspersons;
  • To create an atmosphere wherein Olympic Sports in India are practiced and competed with out any influence of drugs.
    (Olympic Sports for this purpose would mean all sports affiliated to Indian Olympic Association except Cricket)


Mr. B. V. P. Rao

(National Convener)


Mrs. Ashwini Nachappa



Mrs. Reeth Abraham

(Joint Convener)


Mrs. Vandana Rao



Mrs. Sunita Godara


Mrs. Vandana Shanbhag

(Executive Member)

Mr. Bhugeswar Boruah

(Executive Member)


Mr. Tashen Borah

(Executive Member)


Mr. Tom Alter

(Executive Member)












In furtherance of above Objectives, the following Principles are adopted:

  • Respecting the Olympic Charter and the Olympic Movement, the Society will organize a democratic and peaceful movement through out the country to create public awareness on the misuse and mismanagement of Olympic Sports in India by the non-sportspersons heading and controlling the Federations, Associations and Clubs.
  • The Society will strive to work in furtherance of ideals and principles of Olympic Movement particularly drawing the inspiration from Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of modern Olympic Movement.
  • The Society will draw the strength from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi on peaceful and democratic means for the conduct, development and promotion of the Olympic Movement.