Founding Initiative

In-spite of the fact that millions of Indians felt that there is a serious problem with management of sports in the country; it has always failed to reach a meaningful national level initiative. One of the main reasons being everyone got paused with the daunting problem of getting rid of powerful people from sports arena.

Suggestions like Indian Government should step in to control the menace by passing suitable laws and enforce them strictly to prevent corruption and nepotism in sports federations have failed to even kick start. This is primarily because majority of the sports federations are headed by politicians and these politicians are from almost every political party of India whose vested interest have always resisted any such initiatives at Government level.

Mr. B.V.P. Rao with his sound understating of principles and spirit of Olympic Movement thought that the real solution has to come from awakening of sportspersons themselves. It is the sportspersons who have to ignite the flame, as all sportspersons are integral parts of Olympic Movement. He felt that former sportspersons have the moral and legal authority to clean up the mess. Any such move, he believes, will not only be welcomed but could be encouraged by International Olympic Family.

Mr. Rao followed his inner conviction and took initial steps to found Clean Sports India. He spent considerable time and energy to discuss the idea of cleaning up the mess in Indian sports at grass root level. Across India, he discussed the idea with several friends and associates who have been former sportspersons.

Mr. Rao witnessed that though majority of the people were apprehensive about the possible conflict with the powerful politicians, they were all very receptive, positive and inspired by the idea, “Clean Sports India”.

A total of ten sportspersons (five men and five women) have joined on its Founding Day, 23rd June 2010 when the Movement was launched on International Olympic Day at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India.

The ten founding members are (Details available under “Founding Members” section):

  • Mr. B.V.P.Rao (National Equestrian & sports administrator)
  • Mrs. Ashwini Nachappa (Olympian)
  • Mrs. Reeth Abraham (International Athlete)
  • Mrs. Vandana Rao (Olympian)
  • Mrs. Sunita Godara (International Athlete)
  • Mrs. Vandana Shanbhag (Olympian)
  • Mr. Bhugeswar Boruah (International Athlete)
  • Mr. Tashen Borah (International Footballer)
  • Mr. Tom Alter (Sports person & commentator & actor)